Route planner and trip documentation in one?

You are a winter service company and need a route planner that automatically records your routes in the logbook?

Then keep reading! This route planner will optimize the daily operations in your winter service company in many areas without changing your established work routine.

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We will show you how you can digitally modernize your winter service company with Trackfox and immediately benefit from the software without reinventing the wheel.

Feierabend at the winter service!

Finally, time to relax and unwind – but what about documenting today's trips?

Now you have to make follow-up calls to that one employee who always forgets their documentation. Plus, it takes forever to transfer the trips and times from Excel spreadsheets to the company's logbook. The evening is ruined, and the family is upset.

Clear the way for Trackfox!

We revolutionize your work methods with the automated archiving of tour data that Trackfox records and analyzes for you. Not only can trip records be exported, but also the trips themselves, all orders, employee working hours, and coffee breaks. All of this and more is tracked in real-time and securely stored in the cloud.

Order Dispatch

With Trackfox, you can plan your orders seamlessly and efficiently. Keep an eye on all ongoing tours at any given moment thanks to the extensive map view.

Start saving money and energy today with Trackfox, the intelligent winter service route planner!

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Work documentation and logbook management in the route planner

In winter service, one thing is especially needed: a flexible, intelligent navigation system for drivers!

At the same time, the coordination center needs to maintain an overview of all routes and communicate quickly. And wouldn’t it be great if the route planner could also document the trips?

Trackfox offers all of that – and more clever features that can optimize your daily work routine:

  • No hardware needed - runs on any smartphone.
  • Automatic archiving and exporting of tours, working hours, and orders.
  • Intelligent profiling for each vehicle, employee, and depot.
  • Live view of all vehicles on the overview app through GPS tracking.
  • Intelligent route planner that learns dynamic metadata from vehicles and terrain, continuously optimizing your routes.

A free route planner for every winter service?

Efficiency through the winter

The built-in AI, which continuously improves itself, helps you find optimal routes tailored to your vehicle - even calculating and processing the working time per task intelligently.

Whether the driver follows Trackfox’s optimized navigation or goes their own way, ultimately remains up to them. However, you can see all your field employees during their tours on your map and send a direct message if something is not right.

  • Navigation through an online-based route planner that is always connected to the headquarters.
  • Monitor daily or all orders and their progress on the map.
  • Establish direct contact between the headquarters and field service through a simple chat function.
  • Export driver documentation and working hours directly from the database without the hassle of typing and copying Excel spreadsheets.
  • Calculation of workload based on dynamic profile data for each vehicle and driver.

Save more time and money with Trackfox

Are you using Google Maps or another generic route planner as your tour planner? There are countless options available online, with one free route planner after another.

But only Trackfox offers exclusive features specifically designed for winter service. Trackfox helps you efficiently and flexibly organize your business in this challenging industry, all without giving up your established work routine.

Trackfox digitizes and automates many tasks typically handled by an accountant, while using the data to offer the route planner the most efficient tours.

Despite the many clever features, Trackfox is a down-to-earth, streamlined software: we consciously avoid unnecessary features that you don’t really need. This simplifies the user experience and makes the software cost-effective. After all, how can you gain efficiency from a route planner that isn’t built efficiently? Trackfox combines only the features that make your everyday work life easier.

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