Winter service orders via Trackfox

Manage your orders quickly and conveniently with our demand-oriented telematics application.

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With Trackfox, you can efficiently and easily manage your customers and orders using our desktop application. Capture GPS data for all your drivers and stay up to date at all times. Forget about generic telematics applications - our software ensures optimized order management for your winter service.

Stay in control: Here's what our winter service software offers you:

  • Digital customer management and order dispatch
  • Tracking of all your drivers for route optimization
  • Real-time team communication anytime
  • Order management and distribution with suitable software

Why Trackfox is worth it for you:

Order Dispatch:

With Trackfox, you can plan your orders seamlessly and efficiently. Keep track of all ongoing routes at any time thanks to the large map view.

Customer Management:

Access your customer data and plan the best route. With live tracking, you can monitor all routes in real-time.


For quick plan changes, Trackfox provides you with the ability to stay in touch with your drivers at any time.

Functional and affordable - that's what Trackfox offers.

If you're in need of a cost-effective winter software without unnecessary frills, Trackfox provides optimized order dispatch.

For your field of operation, you need one thing: the right software for winter service that streamlines your daily work and enhances efficiency. Don’t waste time with unnecessary features, but rely on demand-oriented order management.

  • Create your orders digitally and geocoded in just a few steps.
  • Keep an eye on your customers and employees with simple management tools.
  • Manage orders and routes for optimal efficiency.

The Dream Team: Winter Service App & Desktop Application

With our desktop application, you can keep track of everything while your field service drivers are always accessible to you via the Trackfox app (available on iOS and Android).

Dispatch your orders directly from your laptop or tablet and send changes and new routes to your drivers through the Trackfox app. You always have the ability to communicate, manage orders, and modify routes.

Our desktop application is available on your device without any additional hardware. Manage customer master data, add new orders to the schedule, and analyze the route tracking to see where your drivers are located. With geofencing, you can always keep an eye on whether the ideal route planning has been chosen.

We don’t need bloated features, and neither do you – Trackfox is your winter service application that focuses on the essential factors.

Trackfox Orange - the optimal solution for your order management.

The route planner for winter services - Plan and optimize orders

Your standard software always hits its limits when it comes to industry-specific requirements? Trackfox is the solution because our app is specifically designed for your industry. Whether it’s order dispatch, customer management, or live tracking during tours – finally, you have all the relevant information in one place.

With Trackfox, you optimize costs because you don’t need to purchase additional hardware. Instead, you can utilize our 100% web-based application that provides you with access to the entire order situation at any time.

Future-oriented and industry-specific – that’s how Trackfox works, offering you the opportunity to bring more efficiency and planning into your business. Choose the option for the best possible quality without lengthy training.

Download our app and see for yourself!

Whether on desktop, smartphone, or laptop – with our application, you can view your planned routes from anywhere.
It couldn’t be easier!