Creating master data
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Here’s how you can quickly and easily create master data in Trackfox

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Creating master data. Here, all relevant master data is stored, which is necessary for effective work with Trackfox. It is essential to follow the structure presented in the video as the software requires certain data in a specific order for automated planning.

Creating scenarios. Scenarios are essentially predefined plans. You can create and plan as many scenarios as needed. It is also possible to create identical scenarios with minor differences, such as one scenario with heavy snow and another with light snow. To create scenarios, navigate to the “Scenarios” section in the left menu under Data Management and click on “Scenario”. There, you will see the input field for “New” as well as any previously created scenarios. To create a new scenario, you can use any desired name. Let’s take today’s date as an example and click on the “Next” button. Google Maps will then appear, showing a map of Berlin with the name of the newly created scenario. From here, you can create additional scenarios, save them, and subsequently edit or delete them as needed.