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Chapter 6

Video description - Trackfox Winter Service Software App - Route Planning

Chapter Six: Route Planning. In addition to fixed address stations, within scenarios, we can also create routes such as bike paths or driving routes as orders and then integrate them into tours. To do this, we use the mouse on the Google Maps map in scenarios and right-click on the starting point of the required route, and then right-click again on the endpoint. Note: Based on the starting and endpoint, the software automatically recognizes the direction in which we have specified the road cleaning. After entering the endpoint, a prompt appears.

We click “Yes,” and a new input window appears. Here, we enter all the necessary information and then click “Save.” The route we just created will then appear on the map with two white pins and a black connecting line. For orientation purposes, we see the starting point marked with an “S” in the pin, indicating it is a route, and the endpoint marked with a crossed-out “S.” This route is now also visible in the box at the bottom right as an unscheduled order with an “S” symbol. Now, like any other order, we can manually add the route to the existing tour planning.

The newly scheduled route will then take on the color of the tour, and the pins will transform into circular circles with a black border. The circular circle represents the starting point, and the endpoint is represented by a circle with a black dot in the center.