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With the Trackfox app, you and all drivers can always have an overview, even on the go.

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Chapter 8

Creating App Users

Chapter Eight: The Trackfox App. Moving on to the Trackfox app, which is used by drivers. Here we see the login screen of the Trackfox app.

Under “Please Select,” drivers can choose the assigned tour, vehicle, and, if necessary, a co-driver. All of this needs to be set up in the Trackfox system beforehand, as explained earlier. Geofencing can also be enabled or disabled here. The driver then clicks on their assigned tour and finally “Start Tour.” They immediately see a list of stations to be worked on. At the bottom of the screen, they can see the expected travel time for the entire tour. By clicking on each station, drivers can quickly view the snow-covered areas to be cleared, including the specific proportions of machinery and manual work, as well as the location of hydrants and steps. They can also view plans and images that have been attached to the specific orders. Additionally, quick and easy communication with the operations manager is possible through the integrated chat system. Drivers can manually start individual stations here and mark them as completed. There is also a direct link to navigation, which helps drivers reach their destinations quickly and easily.

The great thing about Trackfox is that manually starting a station is not necessary. The Trackfox app automatically recognizes when a driver is near a station and when they leave it through GPS geofencing. The order is then automatically marked as completed. Alternatively, geofencing can be disabled, and drivers will need to confirm completed orders themselves. All completed orders are stored in the database under the “Archived Orders” menu for record-keeping purposes, invoicing, or potential legal disputes.