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Chapter 4

Chapter Four: Creating Tours

In this chapter, we will continue with the actual and most important task after entering the master data: tour planning. To do this, we go back to “Scenarios” and click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen. A large orange box will appear, and below it, we will see all the objects we previously created. These are currently labeled as unplanned assignments. If we activate the checkbox there, we will see all these assignments marked as white pins on the map. To allocate these assignments, we need to create tours. We do this by going to “Tours” in the top right corner. When we move the mouse there, a plus symbol appears. We click on it, and a new input field opens. First, we select one of the created depots here and then give the new tour a name. Let’s choose Tour 1 and assign it the color red. Tour 1 is now created and visible. We repeat this process two more times, creating three tours with different colors as examples. Then, we click and hold one of the tours in the “Tours” section and drag it to the left side, which takes us to the detailed view of the tour. We repeat this process with the other tours as well. This allows us to examine the details of the tours more closely. We have now completed the tour planning process.