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The route planner specifically designed for gritting and snow removal services! Optimize route guidance in real-time and track all operations on your laptop.

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Winter Service Operations: To maintain flexibility in this reactive industry, you need a specialized route planner for navigation. Those who rely on using Google Maps as a tour planner will eventually realize the limitations:

In winter service, destinations are often changed on the go. Most route planners are not designed for this and often struggle to accommodate such changes. The result is longer detours, delays, and returns. In short, your company operates extremely inefficiently and at higher costs. Optimization is needed!

Optimize on the go! Trackfox helps you effortlessly connect each operation with the next for optimal efficiency.

  • Import orders with geo-data (location, clearing area, client information, etc.).
  • Plan and modify routes on your laptop at any time, even while the tour is already in progress.
  • Track each operation in real-time on the overview map using GPS tracking on smartphones.
  • Send important instant messages and data to teams in the field through Trackfox.

If something comes up unexpectedly, the route planner responds immediately:

Simply insert new destinations.

From your laptop, easily add new destinations, whether it's a new operation or a stop at the depot.

Optimal route.

Trackfox calculates a new optimal route and automatically adjusts the driver's ongoing navigation.

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A clever route planner

But Trackfox can do much more!

We understand the conditions of winter service, which is why we have developed a route planner that can optimize any winter service in no time. Without the need for prior knowledge or changing your routines, Trackfox supports you exactly where you need it.

The route planner archives all relevant data for each operation and journey. This allows you to not only easily export your comprehensive logbook and working hours but also, based on the stored vehicle and operation area data, Trackfox can even calculate how long an operation will take.

  • Displays all planned and actually driven routes.
  • Automatically saves all relevant data online in the cloud.
  • Allows you to export operation records and working hours of each driver.
  • Uses collected data to create vehicle profiles and continuously optimize navigation.
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere thanks to web-based software.

Trackfox in action

The software utilizes two different interfaces to provide each employee with only the functions they need. Each employee is granted access to the system, allowing them to log into their profile on their own device.

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The navigation is displayed in a smartphone app. All that is needed is a regular smartphone or tablet with internet and GPS tracking capabilities. The app guides the driver based on the continuously updated route assigned to them from the headquarters. They can communicate with other teams and the headquarters at any time through the built-in chat feature.


The coordination, route planning, and order management take place in the desktop interface. All teams in the field are monitored on the map, operations are designed and modified, spontaneous changes are communicated to the field teams, fleet analysis is conducted, and working time records can be exported.

Download Trackfox as your free route planner and discover what efficiency means in winter service.

Because Trackfox focuses only on truly useful features, the software is easy to use and cost-effective to implement. If you want to test the Trackfox route planner for free – no problem!

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